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GCOW Marketplace, it’s a no brainier!

It’s true. According to a study by NAPCO[1], consumers will spend $170+ billion in gift cards in 2019. GCOW Marketplace is a simple-to-use app integration that connects your players to gift cards from brands and merchants they trust and love.

The GCOW Marketplace will reward your players with FREE in-app currency rewards when they buy or gift digital gift cards from our marketplace. Our marketplace creates an easy path for players to earn FREE in-app currency rewards, while removing friction that is caused by traditional monetization verticals.

The GCOW Marketplace

Non-intrusive Integration

GCOW Marketplace is only visible when accessed through your designated UI.

250+ Top Brands

We have all the top brands your players know and trust.

Instantaneous Player Rewards

Players receive their gift cards and their FREE in-app currency reward instantly so they can get back to your game.

Incredible CPM

Brand availability and ease of use make earning more with every impression a breeze.

30-Minute Setup

Our quick and easy setup process will have you up and running quickly.

Outstanding Support

Our team handles customer support and new brand integrations so you don’t have to.

7-Day Payment Terms

Enjoy getting paid every 7 days.

Fraud Protection

Alongside our merchant partners, we monitor in-app transactions for fraudulent activity.

GCOW Marketplace in Action


Real-time delivery to over 600 brands worldwide.

Earn more with every interaction by
providing more value to every player.

Our Company

We’re a Las Vegas based team of experts with over ten years of experience working with in-app monetization. Our goal in creating GCOW Marketplace is to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution for developers to earn more revenue with every app‑based transaction.

Our Mission

Is to provide an opportunity for every app publisher to join a $170 billion marketplace by capitalizing on purchases your player would make anyway. If a player typically shops through Amazon, providing the opportunity to purchase a gift card inside an app and receive FREE in-app currency rewards — creates an incentive.

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We’d love to learn more about your business and how GCOW Marketplace can add value to the apps you create.


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